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Stuck In A Bind: How I've Gotten Into And Out Of Some Terrible Circumstances

by Rainy

This article provides truck drivers with tips and advice on how to handle tricky situations while driving and how to stay calm and safe on the road. Learn how to analyze the situation, think calmly, and harness your emotions to get out of sticky situations.

Don't You Dare Miss That Sign

by Old School

Signs are an essential part of the trucking industry and can save lives and equipment. Learn why signs are important, how to read them, and how to avoid accidents and danger.

The Mental Side of Trucking: Decision Making And Judgment

by Rainy

Truck drivers must have the ability to evaluate information and make good decisions. This article explains the importance of making good decisions and how it affects your career. It also outlines the consequences of poor judgment and decision making.

Keepin' Your Cool: Managing Road Rage


Getting aggravated with other drivers on the highway is commonplace for many drivers, even for truck drivers. Learn the risks of getting emotional on the highway and how to remain unaffected by the stress. Understand the importance of staying calm and how to practice it.

Two Types Of Tractor-Trailer Jackknives, And How To Deal With Them


This article provides truck drivers with tips for avoiding trailer and tractor jackknifing. Learn the do's and don'ts of engine braking and how to get out of a jackknife situation when your trailer brakes lock up.

CDL Training During The Winter: Good Idea Or Impending Doom?


Starting a career in trucking during the winter can be a great idea. Learn the advantages and disadvantages, what to expect, and how to stay safe while driving in the snow.

Your Mirrors May Hold The Key To Predicting The Future


Truck drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and watch their mirrors to help them predict what other drivers will do and determine their safe zones in an emergency. Learn why it's important to watch your mirrors and get safety tips for truckers here!

The Best Laid Plans Usually Fall To Pieces

by Becky Prestwich

Dee and his partner set out on a three-day journey from Ohio to New Jersey, but their plans are quickly derailed by unexpected delays and obstacles. Read on to find out how they manage to make it to their destination despite the odds.

2 Mental Mistakes That Cost Drivers Their Sanity...And Maybe More


Truck driving is a tough job with endless mental challenges. Learn how to handle the mental challenges of truck driving by avoiding the 'negativity filter' and 'keeping score'. Find a trigger that helps you relax and stay positive to enjoy the job and stay safe.

Reaching 300,000 Miles In A Big Rig

by Rhonda

This article follows a truck driver on their journey to reach 300,000 miles. Learn about the challenges they faced, such as playing leap frog with another driver, avoiding bad weather, and dealing with unprofessional drivers. The driver eventually makes it back to the yard safely.

What's A Tough Day Like In The Trucking World?

by JakeCat22

This article gives an informative perspective into what truck drivers may encounter in their day-to-day. Read about a bad day in the trucking industry, from fueling to unloading, and the unexpected surprises that come with it.

My First Time Driving A Rig Through The Big Apple

by JakeCat22

A truck driver shares his first experience trucking through New York City and the unexpected challenges he faced. From rain to full trailers to tolls, the driver had to navigate the city with caution and common sense.

Trying To Teach Proper Driver Forecasting

by TruckerMike

This article provides an in-depth look at forecast driving, an essential skill for truckers. Learn how to time traffic lights, handle merge points, and read car language to become a safer, more professional driver.

My First Days On The Road With A Trainer

by JakeCat22

This article follows a truck driver's experience of meeting Bob the trainer and sleeping in the truck for the first time. It provides tips and advice on truck driver training.

The Science of Truck Driving

by Philosopher Paul

Truck driving is a complicated science, similar to Thermodynamics and Chaos Theory. This article follows the author's journey from truck driving school to working solo and the lessons he learned. From close calls to learning to stay calm and go with the flow, the author shares his experiences and how truck driving has made him a better person.

Rookie Drivers: Time Management Tips And Mileage Goals


This article provides time management tips and mileage goals for truck drivers. It explains how to avoid traffic delays, find easy parking, and rest before exhaustion to turn more miles and make more money.

Mama Said They'll Be Days Like This

by Rick Huffman

A truck driver recounts his week of misadventures, from Jacksonville to Stockbridge, Georgia. After a series of mishaps, the driver learns a valuable lesson about always checking the kingpin to the fifth wheel before hooking up to a trailer.

A Humbling Adventure: My First Delivery Driving Solo

by Rick Huffman

A rookie truck driver embarks on their first solo trip, learning the challenges and lessons of the job. Along the way, they make mistakes and meet helpful people who assist them in their journey.

On The Road In Training With Ringo Part 2

by Rick Huffman

This article provides an informative look into the world of truck driving. It covers the physical and mental adaptation needed to become a successful truck driver, as well as tips from a veteran driver on navigating mountain roads and dealing with hot brakes.

Not Much Help For The Drivers

by Steve Rubens

A truck driver in southern Texas has a load of meat due for delivery at 9:00 a.m. The driver is faced with a challenging route and a disconnected phone number. After a few attempts, the driver finds the right address and delivers the load on time.

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