Truck Driver's Career Guide Chapter 9

Developing a Good Relationship with Your Dispatcher

Developing a good relationship with your dispatcher is essential for success as a truck driver. Learn how to prove yourself as a driver, and get advice from experienced truckers. TruckingTruth provides resources for new drivers, and a discussion forum for advice and mentoring.

Eating Healthy on the Road: Tips for Truck Drivers

This page provides tips and advice for truck drivers on how to eat healthy while on the road. Learn how to use small appliances in the truck, and find out what snacks to keep stocked. Discover recipes for meals that can be prepared in the truck, such as sandwiches, crockpot meals, and chicken and rice. Watch videos for how to make ham casserole and chicken and rice in the truck.

Tips for New Truck Drivers: Survive Your First Year

Starting out as a truck driver can be tough. Learn tips from an experienced driver to help you stay alert, handle mental challenges, and more. Get the advice you need to survive your first year on the road.

Safety for New Truck Drivers

This guide provides safety tips for new truck drivers, including avoiding accidents, tickets, and minor incidents. Understand the importance of a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and how to use it. Learn about motor vehicle records and how to park on the shoulder. Get tips for navigating unfamiliar areas and staying safe on the road.

Truck Driver's Career Guide: Driving Safety & Fatigue

This page from an online truck driver's career guide covers topics such as driving safety, DOT regulations, and fatigue. Learn how to stay alert while driving, what to do if you're faced with a safety violation, and tips for avoiding mountain driving.

Learn Time Management for Truck Drivers

This page provides an overview of hours-of-service regulations for truck drivers and offers tips on how to manage your time correctly to maximize your earnings. It also provides an example of a real-world load and how to plan for it.

Rookie Truck Drivers: What to Expect

This guide covers the challenges of starting a career as a truck driver. It explains the rookie treatment, how long it takes to become an experienced driver, how attitude affects success, and how to take responsibility for your actions.

Truck Driver's First Year: A Learning Experience

This truck driver's career guide covers the first year of truck driving, including what to expect for miles, home time, and tips for getting the most out of your job. Learn about the relationship between drivers and dispatchers, and how to be available for any load, any time.

Daily Showering for Truck Drivers: Tips & Advice

This page provides experienced truck drivers with tips and advice on how to shower daily while on the road. It covers topics such as truck stop facilities, etiquette, and other options for showering and bathroom breaks. It also provides advice on how to take care of personal needs when there are no bathrooms or facilities available.

Explore the US as a Truck Driver

This page explores the experiences of being a truck driver and seeing the US. Learn about the sights, sounds, and experiences of the road, and find out what it's like to leave your truck in a 'safe haven'. Discover the different regions of the US and the activities available for truck drivers.

Managing Finances on the Road for Truck Drivers

This page provides an overview of the financial responsibilities of truck drivers on the road. Learn about the expenses that are covered by the trucking company, as well as the driver's main expense. Get tips for reducing costs and staying out of trouble while living a traveling lifestyle.

Essential Items for Truck Drivers: What to Bring OTR

Discover essential items for truck drivers on the road. Learn items to avoid and importance of quality products. Get tips on what to pack for OTR driving and legal considerations.

Maximizing Sleep for Truck Drivers

This page from an online truck driver's career guide covers the importance of getting enough quality sleep and provides tips for finding legal parking, blocking out noise, and avoiding drug violations. It also addresses concerns about safety while sleeping in truck stops.

Maintaining Health and Wellness as a Truck Driver

This page from an online truck driver's career guide covers topics such as health concerns of truck drivers, how to deal with stress, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road. It discusses the importance of physical activity, good nutrition, and getting enough sleep. The page also includes a video which helps people understand depression and how to deal with it.

Tech for Truckers: What You Need

This truck driver's career guide covers tech they need to know & use. Discusses the Qualcomm system, GPS systems, smartphones & more. Tips for best GPS units, how to use the Qualcomm & more.

Winter Weather Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

This page provides tips for truck drivers on how to stay safe and informed in winter weather, including how to deal with high winds, snowstorms, and cold weather. It also provides information on the National Weather Service and the 511 system, as well as a video of a truck driver going over Donner's Pass during a snowstorm.

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