The Life, Death, And Resurrection Of My Truck Driving Career

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The Persian Conversion's Comment
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Thanks everyone, I'm glad I'm still alive and employed too :)

Almost forgot to post the pics! Since I couldn't find my phone until I was leaving the scene, I don't have pics of the wreck itself, just the tractor after it was towed to St. Maries:

truckers pictures of his wrecked and crushed flatbed truck after he rolled it in an accidenttruckers pictures of his wrecked and crushed flatbed truck after he rolled it in an accidenttruckers pictures of his wrecked and crushed flatbed truck after he rolled it in an accident

Robert B. (The Dragon) ye's Comment
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You my friend, definitely had an angel on your shoulder that day. I'm glad you walked away, both for you and your family and am sorry you had to learn such a hard and painful lesson. You seem like one helluva guy from what I've seen on here and nobody ever wants to hear about another driver in an accident.

Look at it this way, you got the worst of the worst out of the way, now it's up and up for you with many safe miles to come.

Be safe brother (huge bear hug)

Fatsquatch 's Comment
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That right there is one HELL of a story, and with a happy ending to boot. That'll be one for the grandkids for sure.

Little Syster (a.k.a. Sun's Comment
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Praise the Lord you are in one piece. Yes, the truck and load weren't as lucky. BUT you are far more important than any load. Thank you for taking the time to share your story and from start to end. Take care of yourself and look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Jolie R.'s Comment
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I am truly in awe that you were able to walk away from that crash after seeing the photos! I too am praising God for the protection you had, and that you are able to share your sobering story.

The Persian Conversion's Comment
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Yes, the truck and load weren't as lucky. BUT you are far more important than any load.

You know it's funny, ever since I started driving I've been trying to get my truck blessed by one of my priests. There were a few times when I drove through town and I tried to get one of them to come out and meet me at the rest area, but schedules always conflicted.

So while I was home, I was talking to one of them via text because I had a question for him, and he asked me when was the next time I would be driving through town so we could try to "get that truck blessed," and I told him what happened. His response?

"See, the truck wasn't blessed and it was wrecked. You were blessed, and you came out just fine!"

Jessica A-M's Comment
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Saved the wreck yard some work and precrushed the truck huh?

Jokes aside, you definitely got lucky and I'm so glad you kept your job too. I don't know about the religious related stuff but, this was a good learning experience huh? Too bad it happened like it did. And, now you have a story to tell wide-eyed newbies. I know for sure I'll be thinking about this when I start too. Keep rolling and let's try to keep the rubber to the road! Good job jumping right back in.

Arejay (RJ)'s Comment
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Wow! PC You are a great writer and storyteller... I really felt like I was there with you as you described the events of the day and how it all unfolded. So glad you are doing well and have been able to "get back in the saddle" so quick. You are truly blessed and definitely have much to be thankful for. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and words of wisdom in the future as you quickly become a veteran trucker here on TT.

Bud A.'s Comment
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Persian Conversion, it took a lot of courage to post this vivid story. I thank you for it. It really is a good reminder of the realities of this job. I was thinking that I would have probably taken the shorter route too, not because it was shorter, and certainly not because of the curves and grades, but because I would want the chance to see a road less traveled.

And those loads that compress are scary. I had worried that stuff would fall off the truck with loose straps when I hauled the steel decking a couple weeks ago (it's a little like rough cut lumber where it settles as the truck bounces), but hadn't considered well enough how it could tip the truck in a turn.

I'm glad you came through it alive! Thank God for that!


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.


When a violation by either a driver or company is confirmed, an out-of-service order removes either the driver or the vehicle from the roadway until the violation is corrected.

Running Bear K.'s Comment
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Hey Rookie I am glad you are OK, great story for everyone not just those who are starting but veteran as myself with over 35 years of experience. The unfortunate of your accident reminds us all just how dangerous this job is. We ALL need to be reminded daily these are not toy's they are a 40 ton killing machine. When I was a trainer, I use to make my students yell out every time they reached for that door handled. " This is a 40 ton killing machine and I am the only one in control" Maybe something to remember for all as they open that door and climb in.

I have over 35 year with no tickets or accident, and most would say that is good. But your people at your company are right about the 2's. The longer you go with no ticket or accident your window narrows as to having one. In my experience it is overconfidence and usually a failure to do one step, for every step you learn in training is an important one. If it were not they would not teach it to you. I always say there are NO Mistake's in trucking because it could be your last one or someone else.

I am glad everything turn out for you and do not be to hard on yourself, one thing is for sure it happen early in your career and a good but expensive way to learn it, and to be honest and I am sure your boss knows this. But most new truckers have some sort of incidences or accident within the first 90 days being on there own. This is why you are put with trainers for weeks at a time. It takes the human mind 90 days to develop good and bad habits. So you are put with a good trainer to copy his hopefully good habits. Most trainers have experience with no accident so they have accomplished good habits in driving. But that does not mean they are the best. There is always some better and there is always room for improvement. It is when you stop thinking that is when you start to have problems. NO ONE is the best.

So remember ALL the rules of the road, DO ALL the PTI before and after and just remember to be the professional out there we know what we are doing we do it everyday, 4 wheels do not.

Good Luck and Be Safe

Running Bear Knight


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
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