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The Backing Range At Trucking Driving School - It's Like Clown Soup For The Soul

It's your first day out on the backing range and you've never felt so clumsy and stupid in all your life. Learn the basics of driving a rig, from double clutching to backing up, with tips and advice from experienced drivers. Have fun, stay confident, and be prepared to embarrass yourself nearly to death about 10,000 times!

Why I Prefer Paid CDL Training Over Private CDL Training

Paid CDL training, also known as company-sponsored CDL training, is owned and operated by trucking companies. Private CDL training is a school that is independently owned and operated. Paid CDL training is preferred due to the company's investment in the student, the student's training on the company's equipment, and the company's financial incentive to ensure the student's success.

Why Small Trucking Companies Are Often A Disaster Waiting To Happen

It's common knowledge that small family-owned businesses struggle to survive in commodity industries like logging, farming, and trucking. Learn the realities of owning a small family business in the trucking industry, the economics of the business, and why it's best to work for a large carrier.

The Employment Market For Truck Drivers Is Hyper Competitive

The employment market for truck drivers is hyper-competitive and wages have been on the rise in recent years. Learn what it takes to become a top tier driver and get your trucking career off to a great start. Study hard, have a great attitude, and stick with your first company for one full year.

The Complete Guide To Pulling A Chemical Tanker

Hauling a chemical tanker is a complex and stressful job. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the dangers, pay, lifestyle, and endorsements needed for hauling a chemical tanker.

Keepin' Your Cool: Managing Road Rage

Getting aggravated with other drivers on the highway is commonplace for many drivers, even for truck drivers. Learn the risks of getting emotional on the highway and how to remain unaffected by the stress. Understand the importance of staying calm and how to practice it.

Drivers Share Their Biggest Misconceptions And Surprises About A Career In Trucking

Trucking is a misunderstood industry with many misconceptions. Experienced drivers and recruiters share their advice on how to succeed in the trucking industry. Learn the truth about trucking and the responsibilities that come with the job, the lifestyle, and the surprises you may encounter.

The Right Strategy For Earning More Miles And Better Pay

Truck drivers can get more miles and earn more money by following safety protocols, being on time for appointments, pushing appointment times forward, and communicating well with dispatch. Be friendly and professional to gain an advantage in the competitive trucking industry.

Trucking At Night Versus During The Day - What Should Your Strategy Be?

Driving at night versus during the day normally comes down to two factors: preferences and pickup/delivery schedule. Learn how to adjust to an ever-changing schedule, find truck parking, and stay alert while driving.

Two Types Of Tractor-Trailer Jackknives, And How To Deal With Them

This article provides truck drivers with tips for avoiding trailer and tractor jackknifing. Learn the do's and don'ts of engine braking and how to get out of a jackknife situation when your trailer brakes lock up.

What Are The Best Types Of Freight For A Rookie To Haul?

This article provides an overview of the different types of jobs available in the trucking industry, including dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, liquid tanker, dry bulk tanker, and doubles/triples. It explains the pay, working conditions, and other factors to consider when choosing a job.

CDL Training During The Winter: Good Idea Or Impending Doom?

Starting a career in trucking during the winter can be a great idea. Learn the advantages and disadvantages, what to expect, and how to stay safe while driving in the snow.

Distracted Driving For Truck Drivers: The Penalties And Risks

Truck drivers must be aware of FMCSA regulations prohibiting texting and hand-held mobile phone use while driving. Understand the risks, penalties, and how to use dispatching devices safely.

Is Trucking Worth It Anymore?

Trucking is a solid paying blue collar job with great equipment and technology, but it comes with a lot of scrutiny, risks, and challenges. Learn what it's like to be a truck driver and decide if it's right for you.

A Story About The Highs And Lows Of Life On The Road

Recently a driver in our forum came to us with a story that demonstrates just how quickly you can go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in the trucking industry. One day you're living your dream life, the next day it's a nightmare. Learn how to prepare for tough times and keep your emotions in check.

12 Tips To Help Drivers Stay Awake Longer

Truck drivers have long days and erratic sleep schedules. Here are some tips to help stay awake and alert for longer periods of time, such as avoiding high contrast lights at night, keeping emotions in check, avoiding exhaustion, turning down the temperature, and avoiding large doses of caffeine.

Your Mirrors May Hold The Key To Predicting The Future

Truck drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and watch their mirrors to help them predict what other drivers will do and determine their safe zones in an emergency. Learn why it's important to watch your mirrors and get safety tips for truckers here!

Leasing A Truck: Do The Rewards Justify The Risks?

This article examines the risks and rewards of the trucking industry. It explains why the profit potential is low and the risks are high, and why buying or leasing a truck may not be the best option.

How Do I Know If Truck Driving Is For Me?

Find out if truck driving is the right career for you by learning from a 15-year veteran. Discover the pros and cons of life on the road, and get advice on how to make the right decision for you.

You Won't Get Anywhere In Trucking If You Can't Get Along With Your Support Personnel

At TruckingTruth, learn how to control your own destiny in the trucking industry by understanding the importance of the people who support your efforts. It all starts in the offices and drivers need people skills to get the right people on their side. Good people skills will take you a long way in trucking.

Private Schooling Versus Company-Sponsored: The Basic Differences

Understand the differences between company-sponsored and private CDL training. Learn about tuition costs, similarities, and differences to make the best decision for your trucking career. Start with our free CDL test preparation program.

The Story Of Why So Many Rookie Drivers Fail And How To Avoid It

The trucking industry has a bad reputation, but it doesn't have to be that way. Learn the truth about the industry and how to avoid the pitfalls of bad information and bad attitudes. Get the facts and prepare for success!

The Biggest Mistake New Drivers Make When Speaking With Recruiters

Recruiters are salespeople and their job is to sell you on their school or company. Learn what recruiters can do for you, how to interpret conversations with recruiters, and what mistakes to avoid when making career decisions.

2 Mental Mistakes That Cost Drivers Their Sanity...And Maybe More

Truck driving is a tough job with endless mental challenges. Learn how to handle the mental challenges of truck driving by avoiding the 'negativity filter' and 'keeping score'. Find a trigger that helps you relax and stay positive to enjoy the job and stay safe.

A Look In The Mirror

This article discusses how truck drivers can restore the integrity of the American Trucker by being a true professional. It encourages truck drivers to dress well, work with pride, and talk kindly in order to gain respect from the public.

Solitude Becomes Every Truck Driver's Heaven Or Hell

Truck drivers face many challenges, including the loneliness of the road. Learn how to cope with the solitude of truck driving and keep your home life strong. Understand the implications of life on the road and the impact it can have on your family and friends. Explore options for home time and how to remain close with your loved ones.

How To Cut Through The Negativity And Choose The Right Trucking Company To Start Your Career

When researching trucking companies, it can be difficult to find helpful opinions. Learn how to differentiate between companies, find the best opportunity, and understand a company's strategy. Speak with current drivers, compare pay & benefits, and prove your worth to get the best miles.

Passing The CDL Road Test: What Are CDL Examiners Looking For?

Learn what the CDL Examiner is looking for on the road test and how to handle the pressure. Get tips on automatic failures and acceptable mistakes to help you pass the road test with flying colors.

Rookie Drivers: Time Management Tips And Mileage Goals

This article provides time management tips and mileage goals for truck drivers. It explains how to avoid traffic delays, find easy parking, and rest before exhaustion to turn more miles and make more money.

Remembering My Earliest Days Of Trucking School

This article looks back on the experience of a veteran truck driver's journey through truck driving school. Learn about the excitement and challenges of the process, and the unforgettable memories that come with it!

When Will I Know If Trucking Was The Right Career Choice?

Truck driving is a unique job and lifestyle that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Learn what it takes to become a truck driver and when to know when enough is enough. Stick it out for one full year to get through the toughest part and onto the good stuff.

Which CDL Endorsements Should I Get?

Attending a truck driving school requires you to decide which CDL endorsements to get when taking the test. Learn which CDL endorsements are available, how you get them, what it takes to keep them, and why they are important.

Truck Driving Career Seen As Strong For Next Decade

Truck driving is a great career for those who are cut out for the lifestyle. Learn more about the industry's outlook and what to expect as a truck driver.

Regulation and Scrutiny Of Truck Drivers Increasing Steadily

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration recently announced new rules and regulations for truck drivers and trucking companies. This article explains why the rules were introduced, what they may mean for drivers and truck companies, and how they may affect the trucking industry.

New Truck Drivers: Beware of Rocking The Boat

This article uncovers the complexities of the trucking industry, unwritten rules, and realities that aren't always right or fair. It explains how to navigate these complexities and stresses the importance of being aware and cautious when dealing with veteran drivers and company personnel.

Trucking Safety: What Exactly Is The Golden Rule?

Discover the one golden rule of safety in trucking that applies across the board- don't hit anything. Learn why it is important to make all decisions with safety as top priority and why taking chances and playing the odds won't end well.

Enduring The Rookie Treatment In Trucking

New to the trucking industry? Learn the tips and tricks to understand the trucking industry and navigate it successfully. From understanding liability and risk to earning your stripes on the highway, this article covers it all.

Truck Drivers Must Be Flexible, Committed, and Adaptable

This article discusses the realities of the trucking industry, the cutthroat tactics used by companies to survive, and how drivers must adapt to the changing demands of the job to be successful.

Hiring In Truck Driving and Today's Economy

This article explores the trucking industry's current economic climate and how it relates to the availability of jobs for drivers. It provides insight into seasonal demand, hiring and training times, and timing the start of a career in trucking.

Long Hauler's Recognition - A Letter From A Truck Driver's Wife

In this article, the wife of a long haul truck driver provides advice and tips on how to be successful while on the road. Learn strategies to help make your job easier.

Where Can New Drivers Turn For Hope In This Economy?

Truck driving has become an attractive career option for many Americans during tough economic times. Learn which sectors are still hiring and discover the advantages of attending trucking company schools to guarantee a job upon completion.

Truck Driving Jobs Increasing Slightly - Student Truck Drivers Finding Work

CDL students are having better luck as we move deeper into 2009. Read success stories from TruckingTruth authors and visitors and discover new job opportunities in the trucking industry.

Getting Real About The Trucking Industry and How Things Really Are

Learn the truth about life in the trucking industry from a 15-year truck driver's experiences. Find out what it's really like on the road, how to navigate through challenges, and the rewards of being a truck driver.

Passing Your CDL Test: Our Free Practice Tests and Advice Will Make It Much Easier!

Take our CDL practice tests to help you prepare for the written CDL exam. Understand the tricks of the test, and how to recognize and pay attention to the details. Truck driving requires character, traits, and a great deal of attention to detail - all of which you must demonstrate on the CDL test.

Truck Driving School 2009: Will The Poor Economy Still Offer Truck Driving Jobs For Students?

In todays slow economy, considering a job in the trucking industry is a smart decision. Find out what the job outlook means for new drivers, the perks of the job, and the best ways to find employment in this article.

Truck Driver Training: How To Handle The Time On The Road With Your Trainer

Training to become a truck driver can be broken down into three main stages: CDL school, time in the yard and on the road, and time on the road with a trainer. Veteran drivers provide tips for a successful career for new drivers, emphasizing the importance of respect, humility, and appreciation.

Truck Driving Will Test Your Character

This article explains the challenges faced by those in the trucking industry, such as truck driver training, CDL exams, and handling a big rig. Adequate preparation and patience are needed to be successful in the trucking industry.

Tough Times In Trucking: Getting Pre-Hired Is No Guarantee

The trucking industry is currently dealing with a hiring freeze due to a declining economy. Learn more about the current situation, and how it might impact your decision to pursue truck driving. Get tips on how to stay on top of the economy and your options, and feel free to reach out for more advice.

Trucking Dispatchers Wanted For Blogging

TruckingTruth aims to help the trucking industry address driver turnover by providing a platform for dispatchers to discuss challenges and opportunities. Learn more about how TruckingTruth can help!

Submit Your Trucking Articles To TruckingTruth!

TruckingTruth is helping those new to the trucking industry understand the lifestyle, the challenges, and the benefits of becoming a truck driver. Learn what it takes to have a successful career in this industry and read articles written by experienced truck drivers.

Truck Driving Jobs Increase From Dec '08 To Jan '09

TruckingTruth has seen an increase in trucking job listings since December 2008 and one of their authors was pre-hired. Learn why trucking companies are still hiring, what you need to know to get a job, and follow the journey of one of their authors as he attends truck driving school and chronicles his experience.

2.6 Million Job Losses in 2008: It's Time To Turn To Truck Driving

2.6 million job losses are the official US number. Understand why trucking is a good choice for many unemployed US workers. Learn how trucking companies are reducing costs & why they hire more students from trucking schools.

Will Layoffs In The Trucking Industry Affect New Drivers?

The trucking industry is weathering the economic downturn, with most layoffs affecting office personnel, mechanics, and management rather than drivers. New drivers have the benefit of cost-cutting hiring practices, while high turnover levels prevent the need for layoffs.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part VIII: Talking With The Right People

Understand how to make the right choice on a truck driving job with this 8-part series. Learn what to ask company drivers, mechanics, and recruiters to get an honest opinion of the job including the company's maintenance program and any promises from the recruiter.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part VII: Tankers and Flatbeds

Part 7 of our series looks at the differences between driving for a dry van carrier and a tanker or flatbed carrier. Different job duties and lifestyle considerations need to be taken into account when deciding which type of trucking is best for you.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part VI: Dry Van and Refrigerated Companies

This article discusses the differences between dry van and refrigerated hauling. We cover the types of jobs, lifestyle, and the different types of trailers available. We also discuss the advantages of working for larger trucking companies and explain the pros and cons of each type of hauling.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part V: Comparing Large Trucking Companies To Small Ones

In this article, learn about the pros and cons of working for a large trucking company, and the differences between a small and large company. Understand the importance of making smart decisions, and find out about different types of trucking jobs.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part IV: Advantages of Large Trucking Companies

This article explores the advantages of working for a large trucking company, such as having a large pool of equipment to choose from, access to different types of freight, and a variety of perks. It also looks at the disadvantages of working for a large company.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part III: How Your Family and Lifestyle Will Affect Your Choice

In Part 3 of this series, learn how to choose the right truck driving job based on your lifestyle and personality. Discover the importance of home time, the difficulties of a regional truck driving job, and the pros and cons of over the road truck driving.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part II: You and "Your People" Are The Most Important Factor

Learn how to succeed in the trucking industry. Become familiar with the dynamics of any team, get to know your dispatcher's boss, and be a safe, cooperative, and disciplined driver. Understand all the factors that affect the freight you get, such as the economy, region, and season of the year.

Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part I: Factors That Affect All Companies

This article is part 1 in a multi-part series on choosing the right trucking company. It debunks myths and provides insights into trucking companies and what drivers need to do to be happy and successful. It also answers key questions to help narrow down choices and make the best decision.

So You're Thinking About Becoming An Owner Operator?

So, you want to become an owner operator? Read on to find out if this is the right career path for you. Learn about the financial risks and rewards involved in the trucking industry and what sets you apart from the competition. Read on for a comprehensive overview of the trucking industry.

Make Money With Your Own Blog At TruckingTruth!

At TruckingTruth, learn how you can make money as a truck driver by hosting your own blog. Future and current drivers can use your blog to better understand the realities of being a truck driver. Earn money by placing your own Google ads on your posts!

So You're Thinking About Becoming A Truck Driver?

Becoming a truck driver requires a lot of hard work, dedication and training. This article explains what it takes to become a truck driver and provides insight into life on the road.

Free Truck Driving Schools: The Numbers Are Growing

This article provides information about free and nearly free options for CDL training to become a truck driver. It examines the trucking industry and its need for new drivers, as well as the benefits of free driving school. Learn more about the process of finding free CDL training for truck drivers.

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