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What You Need To Know Before Beginning CDL Training

by Rainy

This article provides essential tips for potential truck drivers on how to prepare for a CDL and land a job. Learn about the requirements for a clean driving record, criminal record, drug/alcohol history, medical record, and employment history.

Budgeting Tips For CDL School & Training

by Rainy

This article provides financial tips for truck drivers and those in the trucking industry. It covers budgeting, paying off debt, saving money, and more.

The Need for Speed Can Hurt You

by Rainy

This article provides tips for truck drivers on how to drive safely and efficiently. Learn how to slow down, pay attention to detail, and use Google Earth to plan routes. Additionally, learn how to navigate truck stops and customer parking lots safely and how to maximize fuel efficiency.

Why I Prefer Paid CDL Training Over Private CDL Training

by Brett Aquila

Paid CDL training, also known as company-sponsored CDL training, is owned and operated by trucking companies. Private CDL training is a school that is independently owned and operated. Paid CDL training is preferred due to the company's investment in the student, the student's training on the company's equipment, and the company's financial incentive to ensure the student's success.

What Is A DAC Report And How Will It Affect Your Job Opportunities?

by Patrick Netzel

DAC reports are like a credit report for CDL drivers. They contain employment history, license verification, driving history, DOT physical results, and criminal background checks. You are entitled to get a free report every 12 months to review for accuracy. If you find incorrect information, you can dispute it with HireRight under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Private Schooling Versus Company-Sponsored: The Basic Differences

by Brett Aquila

Understand the differences between company-sponsored and private CDL training. Learn about tuition costs, similarities, and differences to make the best decision for your trucking career. Start with our free CDL test preparation program.

Passing The CDL Road Test: What Are CDL Examiners Looking For?

by Brett Aquila

Learn what the CDL Examiner is looking for on the road test and how to handle the pressure. Get tips on automatic failures and acceptable mistakes to help you pass the road test with flying colors.

How Having A Great Attitude Earned Me A Second Chance

by JakeCat22

This truck driver shares an embarrassing story of how he destroyed the front of his truck and still kept his job. Learn what it's like to work for a 'BFI' company and how to keep a good attitude to succeed in the trucking industry.

Factors Affecting Job Placement In The Trucking Industry

by Tanya Bons

This article covers the major factors that will affect your ability to find work in the trucking industry. Learn about criminal history, alcohol related violations, drug and alcohol testing, driving record, employment history, physical health, age, and different truck driving school scenarios.

Understanding Pre-Hire Letters: The What, Why, And How Of This Important Step

by Tanya Bons

Learn what a pre-hire letter is and how to get one to increase your chances of getting a truck driving job. Get tips on how to apply for pre-hires, such as being honest and completing applications online. Pre-hire letters are an invitation to orientation, which is a pre-requisite to employment.

5 Advantages of Company Sponsored CDL Programs vs. Private Truck Driving Schools

by Driver Solutions

Learn the advantages of company-sponsored CDL training and how to get started without paying thousands of dollars upfront. Understand the benefits of pre-qualifying for a truck driving job, not needing student loans, and receiving great CDL training from a top trucking school.

Financing Options For Truck Driving School

by Tanya Bons

This article provides an overview of the various financing options available to help you afford truck driver training. Grants, loans, and company-sponsored training are all options to consider, as well as tuition reimbursement after you complete training.

The Meat And Potatoes Of Orientation

by JakeCat22

This article is for truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry. It covers the 'meat and potatoes' of truck driver training, including post-trip inspections, backing, and coupling and uncoupling. It also covers the good days and bad days of training, as well as the skills testing that drivers must pass to become officially certified.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Truck Driving School

by Tanya Bons

When choosing a truck driving school, consider factors such as drive time, quality of training, job placement, and the quality of instructors. Understand the importance of each factor and do your research to make the best decision.

New Rules: Going Back To Truck Driving School

by Angelique

Truck drivers in the European Community must go back to school to get their CODE 95. This means they must take 35 hours of lessons in a five-year period. Employers may or may not pay for the additional schooling, and there are a variety of courses available. Learn more about CODE 95 and the trucking industry.

Are Drivers Too Expensive?

by Angelique

Angelique, an experienced truck driver from the Netherlands, shares her insights into the trucking industry. She discusses the challenges of the industry, such as the influx of Eastern European drivers, and the opportunities for Western European drivers.

An Intro To Big Trucks And Truck Driving School Part II

by Brian Laine

Part 2 dives into the fifth wheel, air lines, & other mechanical aspects of big rigs. Check out the gauges & levers in the cab & get ready for a drive! Understand the process of hooking up the trailer, the anti-lock brake systems, & the controls in the cab. Learn how to shift the transmission & how to back up safely.

Trucking School Part III - Boot Camp

by Rick Huffman

This article provides an insight into the truck driving school boot camp experience. Learn how to master 45 angle backing and shift gears with experienced instructors, and get ready for your CDL test.

Our Trucking Adventure Begins

by Cathy Rubens

Cathy and Steve Rubens had to make the tough decision to explore a truck driving career when Steve's construction job was coming to an end. Read about their experience with the trucking industry, their search for the right CDL training, and their journey to becoming truck drivers.

Trucking Safety: What Exactly Is The Golden Rule?

by Brett Aquila

Discover the one golden rule of safety in trucking that applies across the board- don't hit anything. Learn why it is important to make all decisions with safety as top priority and why taking chances and playing the odds won't end well.

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