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Brett Aquila's Comment
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From Eugene a few minutes ago:

I didn’t get that way by being unprofessional. I didn’t handle multi-million dollar accounts by being unprofessional. It looks as if I have to return to this industry now, so if you want to learn something about professionalism, I’ll be glad to invite you to my office to teach you.

Also from Eugene, just a few hours ago:

Thanks for the encouragement, *******.

I realize that now but it’s too late.

Go **** yourself you piece of ****.

Ah yes, this must be that professionalism you were talking about. Obviously you're not unprofessional!

That's fantastic, Eugene. Thank you for that. I normally would take that filth off this website, but this is a good lesson. Claims people make about themselves are often wildly off base, and so is the blame they place on their trainers and the companies they work for.

I lost count years ago of how many people have come here complaining about their trainer or their company, telling us they were exemplary students with a powerful work ethic and a personality that would warm the hearts of frozen snowmen. Then, soon after, when we dig a little deeper and figure out something isn't right about their story, they suddenly start cussing us out and giving us the real scoop about what went wrong and who was the real problem.

So folks, when you hear people tell these sob stories about how kind and hard-working and dedicated they were to their company but they were treated like garbage for no reason, keep this example in mind. This is far more common than you would believe.

Eugene K.'s Comment
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You’re also right that I shouldn’t get a CB, because while out on the road with my trainers I heard some of the most appallingly racist language I’ve ever heard thrown around casually as jokes. I know better than to repeat it here.

If that’s the kind of talk that’s considered appropriate workplace language, that’s another strike against the professionalism argument. What passes for normal chatter in trucking would end up in litigation where I come from.

Truckin Along With Kearse's Comment
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Eugene. .

One of the problems is that you are too new to be on that Kraft account. If that is the one on Glenstone, it is a pain in the butt and after 3.5 years of driving I picked up a load with my brand new truck and had to jack knife it into a space and in took too kong and the female yard dog yelled at me calling my truck a piece of ****. It sucked to back the truck for the first time in a tight place, cause the international and cascadia are so different.

Does wilson start everyone on that?

Most likely they are going to put your back with a trainer, I dont see them firing you. I know people who rolled or jack knifed and weren't fired. I personally just think you are too new to in such a tight place with such high volume that would make most people nervous.

Secondly... Yes your problem is also you. You have extremely high expectations for yourself. Get over it. Everyone struggles with backing. No one is perfect with only a few months. You have an attitude of superiority when you talk to always know better and you are always quoting your past credentials. STOP IT!

So what if you were in management for 15 years in fitness. Guess what.... Trucking managers and fitness managers don't think the same way. You worked yourself up assuming you are getting fired and yet, they may not be doing that. They may be trying to figure out if you are willing to go back into training and with whom.

You are not different from anyone else who came out here and struggled with backing. Hell it took me almost 2 whole years to really feel confident. So get over this "I was this for 15 years" and "In the best in school" crap. None of that matters in the real world which is what we try to get across here and now you are realizing it.

Trucking is hard cause no one is there too hold your hand. Yes calling put a spotlight on you. Now the best thing to do is not get an attitude or try to prove how smart you are or how much past experience you have... Just accept responsibility. Explain you have a desire to keep.learning.

How did they know you almost rolled? That is a $300,000 minimum. That probably scared them. Prime has no idea how much stuff I almost did 😂 or I probably would have been fired.

Calm down and good luck

Brett Aquila's Comment
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From Eugene:

You know what? My second to last comment was probably the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever said. I wish I could take it back and I can’t regret it enough. I am genuinely sorry for it.

I just deleted that comment and in a way I'm also sorry you made it. It was so egregious that it's not something you can take back. You are clearly not the type we would allow in our circle, and now that you've exposed your true nature we'll be parting ways.

We won't be hearing from Eugene anymore, but we wish him luck. More importantly, we hope he learns to appreciate and respect the people who are working so hard to help him be successful.

G-Town's Comment
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Eugene if I learned anything in 30+ years of corporate life is never burn a bridge and be respectful to everyone; your peers, those above and most importantly those below.

If you are the wildly successful professional you claim the be then how do you explain this statement?

You Are Just the Help

Speaks volumes about your character, integrity and professionalism. I would argue and agree that your attitude may well be your downfall. For as much as you disagreed with someone offering that as a possibility, your conduct for the last hour actually supports his point.

You are behaving like a spoiled child.

You promised to leave the forum... but you kept coming back, with a retraction. Eugene as often occurs in the corporate world, especially with customers; you cannot take back your words. Especially when they are insulting and degrading. Words “stick”... and they “stuck” here. My guess? Your mouth got you in trouble in the past...and it still is.

Bridge burned.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Truckin Along With Kearse's Comment
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For future reader reference:

I went back and reviewed the "evil bigoted" thread that set off Eugene way before any of this. A student complained about a trainer and asked us what to do. Some said ask for a new trainer others said stick it out. It became a personal issue for him because someone in his family was assaulted due to their lifestyle. We all agree that is wrong.

However, no one should have to live and work with someone in a rolling closet that makes them uncomfortable. And no one mentioned how the trainer would feel living with someone who was obviously uncomfortable with them. I bet if the trainer was offended and wanted a new student, eugene would have agreed with that. Yet he disagreed with the student wanting a new trainer.

Still none of our moderators nor responding posters came off as hateful. The OP wasn't even hateful or he would have been wanting the trainer fired, yet that was not the case.

I once asked a bunch of trainers if they would take a gay man in the truck. 20% of men said no way. 100% of women said no problem. Therefore to insinuate that truckers are hateful and low class and this forum is a cesspool of bigotry is unfounded emotionally spewed rhetoric. Emotions can distort one's judgement in trucking and cause accidents. It can cause one to fail.

Control your emotions and think logically. While backing into a dock you can cry and give up, or keep trying and be determined to get it in the door. It is up to you.


Over The Road

OTR driving normally means you'll be hauling freight to various customers throughout your company's hauling region. It often entails being gone from home for two to three weeks at a time.

Auggie69's Comment
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From Eugene:


You know what? My second to last comment was probably the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever said. I wish I could take it back and I can’t regret it enough. I am genuinely sorry for it.


We won't be hearing from Eugene anymore, but we wish him luck. More importantly, we hope he learns to appreciate and respect the people who are working so hard to help him be successful.

Say what? We need to find out what happened with Eugene! :)

PackRat's Comment
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Maybe he's at the gym, working on his modest resume?

's Comment
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Well, that sure escalated quickly.

KH's Comment
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Say what? We need to find out what happened with Eugene! :)

I don't think we were going to find out. In any case, it sounds to me like he couldn't be coached because he thought he knew how to do it already. I wish him well.

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