CDC Releases Lates COVID-19 Guidelines For Truckers

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DaveW's Comment
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In reaction to the latest news about an alleged new outbreak of the COVID-19 virus the Centers for Disease Control has released new guidelines specifically for truck drivers and their carrier employers.

CDC releases lates COVID-19 guidelines for truckers

Truckin Along With Kearse's Comment
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The CDC is clueless. Truck stops were frantically cleaning at first and now it is to back to normal with the addition of employee masks and plastic face shields at the register.

Stay in the truck because the virus is outside but ventilate the truck so the virus can come in. Call the dock workers ..yeah right. And plan to not have a bathroom because my bowels always listen to me. I guess we can all throw away out Pepto Bismal cause the CDC says we can now control nature.

Im so over this "craps" rofl-1.gif

Rob T.'s Comment
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Im so over this "craps"

rofl-1.gifrofl-1.gifrofl-1.gif it's quite Ironic they're trying to stop the spread of Covid but won't allow us inside to wash hands. Instead we're given a porta potty if we're lucky that without fail never has a portable hand washing station or sanitizer.

Rick S.'s Comment
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I was waiting for some others to chime in - since I'm not out there seeing what's actually going on "in the field".

CDC has about as much credibility as the WHO or Ferret-Faced-Fauci.

Now that we've forced everyone into a vote/fraud-by-mail scenario - and that part is over - can we CUT THE BS and get back to normal? Or have the "supposed scientists" and our state/local governments gotten so enamored of treating us like circus animals, that the GAME WILL NEVER END.


For example - Florida: infection rates CLIMB, as more people get tested. Yet the DEATH RATES KEEP DECLINING.

What that pretty much tells me is that - for the most part - the people who are going to DIE from this, are pretty much already gone (considering we are actually PROTECTING THE HIGH RISK FOLKS BETTER).

As the meme says - quarantining sick/risk people is common sense - quarantining EVERYONE IS TYRANNY.

Taking trucking as a segment of society that HAS TO TRAVEL - HAS TO EAT OUT (unless they've designed a drive-thru you can get a rig through) - HAS TO USE PUBLIC FACILITIES, and have HISTORICALLY BEEN ON THE BOTTOM RUNG of having safe/clean facilities PROVIDED FOR US - all of a sudden the CDC gives a RATS PATOOT ABOUT US?

If would almost be FUNNY - if it weren't SO PITIFUL...


Delco Dave's Comment
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Had a conversation with my doctor this morning about the whole covid thing and recent numbers. He let me in on a little something the news will never tell us!!!

He said thereason cases seem to be skyrocketing is because we have entered the normal cold/flu season. With that being said, a lot of the common colds that go around every year are corona virus’s. The tests that are being used will show a positive result for any corona virus, not just the 19 strain. He suspects that 75-80% of these new positives are the common cold

Daniel B.'s Comment
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My parents fled their country because of communism and government control. Now its finding its way back to us again.

Truckin Along With Kearse's Comment
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There is a porta pot company in California that shocked fhe craps out of me.... Lol literally.

They were brand new extremely clean had sinks paper towels and sanitizers outside. The company is coming once a day and steam cleans them and you can tell. I thought "damn why didnt I think of that?" Lol

Sid V.'s Comment
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I was told the other day that the health club was shut down due to the government issuing an order. Hard to believe this is America.

Stevo Reno's Comment
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Like I told my co driver, of every Love's etc we enter, and touch the door handles etc the 1000s of people per day doing the same thing, and we ain't gettin sick !!?? Not like employees are standing there to wipe after each person in or out. Am so tired of it all already like most people surely are

Ohio 2 weeks or so back at a Love's I go for my coffee, well store is FULL of about 30 Amish people and kids, NOT 1 had a mask on?? hmmm made me wonder. No one told to put any on, I mean from the youngest to eldest none had em on lol

I would think being they have their own little private community, they wouldn't wanna risk catching whatever and taking it back home to infect em all..... My co bought me a mask that says "This face mask is useless" because I say it a lot lol do get compliments on it too funny.

I'm turning 61 12/1/20 and I never get sick, so not too worried bout all the fake crap. last i got bad flu in 2015 bro brought home from casino he works in, kicked my butt 3 days in bed, never ate drank a thing or smoked. 4th day I remembered I had a bottle of JD from 1995, without meds I figured ok hell alcohol kills a lot of things, why not (am not a drinker) I guzzled half that bottle straight down, didn't even catch a buzz I was so sick ! Next day I woke and felt great !! flu gone or whatever it was.

Seen the CDC baloney and laughed they have no friggin clue . Besides, remember, wearing a mask you don't need 6 feet separation, without the mask you do?? They contradict themselves almost daily (both the CDC and the Media Puppets. Funny, antifa n blm shut up fast, Soro's musta stopped paying thinking the left had the FIX IN lol...... All am waiting for is tourism in the Philippines, to reopen (if ever) and take my 3 or 4 month vacation there again, to set up my retirement life in 2021

Rick S.'s Comment
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All am waiting for is tourism in the Philippines, to reopen (if ever) and take my 3 or 4 month vacation there again, to set up my retirement life in 2021

P.I. is cool. I've been looking at Panama. A little closer to home if I need to get back quickly for something.

Every foreign country is pretty much shut down for the most part, at the moment.

I was looking at video of Olongapo - ahh, good old Magsaysay. Looks NOTHING LIKE when I was there in '80/81. The whole country is nothing like when Marcos was in power. It was the "wild wild west" - with a funny accent.

I have friends that ex-pat there most of the year - then come home. Not sure things are ever going to get "back to normal" - nor am I sure any place is going to be "the same", under some of the globalist stuff that's going to be instituted as a result of this C-19 crap.

We had a discussion when this C-19 first started - where Brett thought it was a "fire drill" for how to get the entire planet to march to the beat of a single drummer. Looks like it worked SO WELL - that they escalated from "drill", to WTH - LET'S JUST GO FOR IT. We are seeing "the wool get pulled", and ENTIRE POPULATIONS MANIPULATED on scale one would never think possible.

But I'm gonna have some fun on Thanksgiving, calling in "too many people at thanksgiving dinner" reports on my leftie friends in CA/OR/WA.



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