The Verdict Is In……. 110 Years Concurrent Life Sentences

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G-Town's Comment
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Quiet a Troll? Don’t reply!

Brett Aquila's Comment
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Quiet a Troll? Don’t reply!

I've followed this conversation but everyone has made excellent points so I really have had nothing new to offer. I very much appreciate everyone taking the time to explain the logic behind the punishment. I agree with everyone except Chris, but I understand why he believes what he does.

The problem we face in our society today is that they have indoctrinated the younger generations in school with beliefs fully intended to do damage to our society and give free rein to those who intend to do harm. The hard truth, unfortunately, is that it's working very well.

Defund the police? Crime spirals out of control.

Decriminalize stealing? Thieves roam free, unchecked.

Feminize men and masculinize women, while "liberating" women from men? You disintegrate the family unit.

Attack the church? Take away the cornerstone of faith and the guiding light of morals and virtues.

Promote the LGBQ community and "normalize" pedophiles? An even further decline into a confused, psychologically disturbed society.

Eliminate patriotism? You further promote violence and discord by teaching people to attack and hate their own country and its citizens, dismissing everything it stands for and was founded upon.

Promote an upside-down food pyramid? You get a society of fat, weak, sickly diabetics who become lifelong dependents on synthetic medications.

Promote obedience and group-think? It's much easier to control the masses by brainwashing some and sending them out to act as "soldiers of the State" to further control the masses. Use the people against each other.

The result?

You now have young "men" wearing dresses. 75% of our families are no longer nuclear families. They're creating a lawless society where crime, especially violent crime, is spiraling to all-time levels. They have attacked the cornerstones of God, family, and country. Our health in this country is abysmal. Patriotism amongst young people is waning badly. Economically our lower and middle classes are shrinking rapidly under the burden of increasing debt because pay isn't keeping up with inflation.

Folks, if our enemies want to destroy our country, they know they can not do it militarily. So how do you do it? Guerrilla warfare. But not with traditional weapons. Instead, you use the schools to indoctrinate the children. Use computers systems to hack the infrastructure. Use the medical establishment as tyranny to shut down the society and bankrupt the lower and middle classes. You use corrupt politicians to pass laws that further cripple society. Use excessive taxation and inflation to further break down the financial stability of the country and make the lower and middle classes dependent on the government. Use unelected officials in corrupt organizations (NIH, UN, WHO, CDC, etc) to further advance the destruction.

What I love about the answers given to Chris is that none of you blindly stuck up for the driver because you guys are drivers yourselves. Instead, you did the opposite and rightfully held that driver accountable to your own very high professional standards. I respect the hell out of you guys for doing that. In politics, you see Democrats voting with Democrats, Republicans voting with Republicans on almost everything. You guys didn't just "vote" in favor of the truck driver. Instead, you held him accountable. You expect more of him, exactly as you do from yourselves. That is taking fierce responsibility, not only for yourselves but for your peers and your industry. It warms my heart to see that!

I don't know if Chris is here intentionally doing harm or not, but just like the driver in this story, doing harm is still doing harm. Yes, it's worse if it's intentional, but no one gets a free pass for doing harm.

Chris, I recommend you study the mechanisms it takes to create a thriving, stable, free, and fair society. In my book, #1 on that list would be a sense of fierce personal responsibility. #2 would be to empower people to be self-reliant. If a person can not have some level of self-reliance and will not take personal responsibility for the outcome of their own life, they will never be happy in this lifetime. They will live their lives with a victim's mentality, which takes away all of their personal power to make personal decisions and lift their lives to a higher level. They will have no pride. They will have no standards of conduct. They will simply blame, complain, and criticize while bouncing along the bottom in life, begging for handouts, which is exactly what modern "wokeism" is trying to create.....a lawless, helpless, rudderless society of degenerates dependent upon the elites.

Chris, start studying. The rest of you, don't change a thing. You have represented yourselves very, very well here. People can look at our community and see that we promote high standards, fairness, and personal accountability. What an awesome community!


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.


Electric Auxiliary Power Units

Electric APUs have started gaining acceptance. These electric APUs use battery packs instead of the diesel engine on traditional APUs as a source of power. The APU's battery pack is charged when the truck is in motion. When the truck is idle, the stored energy in the battery pack is then used to power an air conditioner, heater, and other devices

Stevo Reno's Comment
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Here's a related story, BUT it's not about a truck driver, but a car driver....

My buddies wife used to manage a local Popeyes chicken place here in Hesperia, Cal. almost 15 years ago now. Well 1 of her employees, a young guy in his 20's went out 1 night, and got totally obliterated drunk. He decided to drive on the I-15 here, going who knows where.

Anyway, he was exiting the freeway, ahead at the exit, a family of 5 for some reason, were parked in the diamond shaped painted off section, between the exit and slow lane. He went off the exit lane, smashing into them their car exploded into flames, and ALL 5 of them were killed......

He ended up getting LIFE in prison also,no public outcry, or whining "Oh he was a nice kid, he just made a little mistake" He got what he deserved, PERIOD.......You do the crime, you do the time !!

Chris P.'s Comment
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I respect some of the things you said, but I still stand by my perspective, and even though it's the minority here doesn't mean it's the minority everywhere. I'm not a SJW or anything of that sort, nor am I really trying to troll people. I actually dislike SJWs. Holding people to high standards for no good reason, causing more harm, is silly.

As you probably know, I'm a fan of Norway. They're an example of a low crime rate, low income inequality, free country. They don't hold people to ridiculous standards. They treat their criminals well and help guide them to career paths that don't involve crime, managing the lowest recidivism rate of any western nation. Infact, I might even say they're too forgiving, but if it works, why change it?

No amount of studying is going to make me think like you. I don't believe in god, for example. We hold different things as axioms.

Brett Aquila's Comment
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I'm a fan of Norway....They treat their criminals well. I might even say they're too forgiving, but if it works, why change it? I don't believe in god, for example

...and there it is.....a lawless and Godless society. Thank you, Chris, for being clear about your aspirations. There is no question who we're dealing with.

Harvey C.'s Comment
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I'm an outlier here lefty California and agree with the majority in this thread. In Chris suggesting that it might be better to treat criminals nicer and shorter sentences as in Norway, it sounds all too familiar with what we've had going on here in California. Newsom promoted a ballot proposition that reduced sentencing, decriminalizing some crimes, and has signed further legislation to reduce sentencing. Retail crime is many cities is rampant as there is little to no chance the criminal will be punished. Now this week Newsom has promoted how the state is going to help spend $1 billion and get tough on retail crime that he helped make worse.

Chris P.'s Comment
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I also live in California. I don't know much about what Newsom has done. I do think people should go to jail for stealing, but then when they're in jail, maybe we should teach them a productive trade such that they don't have to steal anymore. What I do know about Newsom, I respect.

Mikey B.'s Comment
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I also live in California. I don't know much about what Newsom has done. I do think people should go to jail for stealing, but then when they're in jail, maybe we should teach them a productive trade such that they don't have to steal anymore. What I do know about Newsom, I respect.

Further proof that you are a troll. You think people Should be jailed for stealing but Don't think dude should be sent to prison for killing 4 people. Do you even stop to think about the BS you say? Your trolling way is to offend followed by appease followed by relate. So sad man. I feel for you.

Andrey's Comment
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when they're in jail, maybe we should teach them a productive trade such that they don't have to steal anymore

People steal not because they lack "productive trades," but because they are thieves. Also, they don't "have" to steal, it is always a free choice.

Banks's Comment
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Holding people to high standards for no good reason, causing more harm, is silly.

Shouldn't people strive to do things to the best of their abilities? Especially when anything less can lead to fatality and injury.

I also live in California. I don't know much about what Newsom has done.

Then how can you respect what he's done? Maybe you should educate yourself on what's happening locally before preaching about what should be changed nationally.

As you probably know, I'm a fan of Norway

Educate us. Tell us what's happening in Norway that's so great. I'm asking for specifics because so far, I just hear the usual talking points.

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