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Junkyard Dog's Comment
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Driving north on I-81 in Pennsylvania in a construction zone going downhill speed limit was 45 I was in the right lane had traffic behind me and traffic including two trucks in the passing Lane next to me and behind me. The on-ramp had a temporary stop sign and I saw a Prius pull up to it now I'm telling you I was less than a hundred yards away from his stop sign when I saw him pull up. Something inside of me said he was going to pull out ahead of me... And he did. I'm at 77,000 pounds and when that little voice talked to me I started breaking. Still I had this hit them hard when I saw him pull out and of course he had no pick up because he's driving that small engine. Can't believe I didn't run right over the top of him and I was scared that I was going to get hit from behind because the truck behind me was so close. I don't know if it's I lost . my confidence and that shouldn't be the issue because I saw it in time and thought about what could happen but the rest of the day I was so unsure of myself and everything that was going on around me. Don't know if you've ever been in that pilot just south of the Petro around Wilkes-Barre but that truck stop sucks as far as parking and I couldn't wait to get off the road and get it parked. Still it's really tight parking there and I put it right in. After I parked and looking around wondering how I'm going to get out of here tomorrow because I read the reviews on how tight and how everyone illegally Parks here as it's filling up I can see what they're talking about. I will be waking up drivers if it's too tight but hopefully I'll be settled down by tomorrow morning. I'm still shaky cuz I know if you hit someone from behind you're probably going to be the one that gets the blame and you sure as hell don't want to kill somebody. Thank God I listened to that little voice

Pete M.'s Comment
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Dash-cam. Don't leave home without it.

Jamie's Comment
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Good job on trusting your gut, some of these cars seems to have some type of suicide pact. I've had my fair share of cars pulling out in front of me, but not normally in the same manner. I'm glad nothing else happened and hopefully you can get out of your parking location with no issues tommorow.

Grumpy Old Man's Comment
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People are idiots. I had people on the way to Wisconsin yesterday riding my bumper while lanes on either side were empty.

ChefsJK's Comment
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I can certainly see why your confidence took a hit and makes you doubt things, but you also have to know that you did the right thing and anticipated a possible outcome and you were right, if you weren't thinking ahead that Prius woukd have been in your passenger seat with you, just remember that.

Bobcat_Bob's Comment
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You did everything exactly right. unfortunately people do dumb things in front of us and we can not control that, but anticipating and seeing trouble before it starts is the best thing we can do.

I have had a few close calls like yours already they certainly get your heart rate up!

I had a car run the stop sign on their off ramp and pull out in front of me, had the left lane not been open I would have hit them in the driver door I can still see the womans look of horror. Luckily I knew nobody was on my left and I had 2 light trailers so I was able to swerve around her.

PJ's Comment
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Congrats, you did everything correctly. A dash cam is your best friend at times like this. I know I irrate the daylights out of people but in these types of areas I am always extra cautious. People will do things that you won’t believe, but they do and on a regular basis. I have as well as everyone else here experienced close calls. The difference in a close call and a crash is your vigilance. Who’s fault it would be isn’t relevant in times as these. It doing what you can to avoid the crash. This story will forever be imprinted into your memory. It happens with every thing that we perceive to be a significant emotional event. You will live with that the rest of your life, better to have this memory than what could have been. Again congrats on doing it correctly. Oh and if you have to wake foks up to get out, don’t feel a bit bad sbout it. They are the ones in the wrong, not you!! Best wishes for you tomorrow and the rest if your career

LDRSHIP's Comment
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I feel for ya. I almost got me a work van Saturday morning in Minnesota on I-35. I was in the right lane about 600 feet behind a car. We were cruising around 60. The roads were mostly clear, but there was the occasional small slick spot. We come up on a panel van in the middle lane going about 10 mph with his right turn signal on. He was like that the whole time we approached him. As the car that I was behind passed him a car behind me, began passing me. When I was about 200 ft from him, he decide to move into my lane as the car beside me was drawing closer to him.. I about had a heart attack. I obviously didn’t get him, but it was close. The point is people do stupid stuff all the time. Cars will pull out in front of a semi before they will another car. Makes no sense.

Big Scott (CFI Driver/Tra's Comment
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You did everything right. Been through there a few times. I hate those slow speed limits especially when I'm heavy. I will be the guy doing 45 with all the other cars and trucks flying by me and tailgating me. I don't care. I'm not going to be getting a speeding ticket, killing someone or dying. Always drive at your comfort level and not above the speed limit. When blocked in in the morning, I will either wake them up or call the truck stop and make them do it. Good luck. Stay safe.


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Don's Comment
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I will be the guy doing 45 with all the other cars and trucks flying by me and tailgating me. I don't care. I'm not going to be getting a speeding ticket, killing someone or dying. Always drive at your comfort level and not above the speed limit.

Big Scott, could not agree more. Better to go slower, and see others sliding into the ditches, than be the one doing so. I cannot believe how many cars I have seen the past two days who have either slid into the grassy medians of the interstates or along the side of the road. Many had just happened, because people were in their cars with the engine running, or standing outside on their cellphones (maybe why they slid off the roads in the first place?). I have not seen any trucks in an accident, nor what appeared to be serious. Some of these curvey single lane routes through hilly parts of Ohio have caused me a few brown-stained moments. Then some yahoo's who are in a big hurry pass me going over the speed limit. I have no idea how they stay on the road.


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