What Does A Quarantine Due To Coronavirus Mean For Truckers?

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Truckin Along With Kearse's Comment
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Brett.... I had already been working at the USPS for a few years when in Jan 2001 an "Anthrax Taskforce" was set up. They brought in machines that were supposed to scan for Ricin, anthrax and several other chemicals or bioweapons. They had showers set up in case any of us became contaminated and created "shelter in place" procedures in the event of a dirty bomb. they even gave us iodine tablets. 8 mos later 9/11 hit. A few weeks later... anthrax in our building.

they knew then.... they know now.

Marc Lee's Comment
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All the pa turnpike service plazas shut down the restaurants inside for 2 weeks. anyone coming through needs to stop in Carlisle or something if they want a decent meal.


Parking open here, rest rooms closed.

Others were closed, some with trucks inside the baricades. Very odd...


Jeremy's Comment
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Im officially sicker than hell tested but waiting for results and quarentened till next monday at least ugh damn i95 rest areas

Brett Aquila's Comment
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they knew then.... they know now

Yeah, well we also spent years doing drills in elementary school to prepare for a nuclear attack from Russia. Never happened.

We did fire drills in school throughout my life - never had a fire in school.

There's also a saying on Wall Street that experts have predicted 10 out of the last 4 recessions, meaning there's always someone saying a recession is coming, but most of the time there is not.

There's no question that someday a very serious virus will spread across the population. They exist. They've created them in laboratories and an existing virus can always mutate into something highly lethal. Coronavirus isn't it, but I still believe they're running a fire drill to test their systems and procedures, and to get the population familiar with being quarantined in their homes so there isn't panic when the real thing happens.

I predict that around the end of March they'll announce they have a vaccine, they've saved humanity, and we'll soon be back to living normally. Because if they keep us pinned down much longer the world will go into an economic depression so deep it will take 15+ years to get out of it. Remember, it's money-people who are running everything. They're the last people on Earth that want to throw us into a deep depression over a common flu bug.

We're all guessing, of course. The only things you can count on in life are death, taxes, and the government hiding the truth from us.

Brett Aquila's Comment
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By the way, Kearsey, you're hysterical! I'm a big fan of conspiracy theories, but I've never known anyone who loves a good conspiracy theory more than you!!! And you know I don't just mean this, I mean from conversations you and I have had. You crack me up!

I know I can count on you because if anyone is digging deep for the down-low on a conspiracy and spreading panic to the people it's you! And you know it!


Errol V.'s Comment
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Brett points out our common school experience:

We did fire drills in school throughout my life - never had a fire in school.

Remember this topic?

Why Do A Pre-trip?

Rick S.'s Comment
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This hysteria has kind of become this one-upmanship game where all of the governments are trying to prove who is the most dedicated to the safety of their citizens.

Like, "Oh, you're just going to close your schools? We'll close all our businesses!"

"Oh, you're only going to close your businesses? We're going to set a nightly curfew for all citizens!"

"Oh, you're only going to set a curfew? We'll make it illegal to leave your house at all!"

It's odd, and indeed quite eerie.

It really feels like this was all premeditated. It doesn't feel like governments intelligently managing a crisis on the fly, which of course no one believes this virus even constitutes anything near a crisis. It feels like they've had this plan all along and they're doing everything in quick, bite-size stages as quickly as we'll tolerate it in order to get to a final police state with everyone on complete lockdown.

"Governments intelligently managing"?

None of those words belong in the same sentence. Really need to proof-read your stuff sometimes (LOL).

While I get the sense this was a "made to order crisis" ("never let a crisis go to waste" - Saul Alinsky, and the left's operating credo).

San Francisco is under 24 hour lockdown now - well, except for the homeless. They'll get a "BOGO" there - keep their citizens locked up, and let their homeless die off. Nice move SF.

While the funeral pyres burn into the night, and the lonely sound of "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" rings in the streets.

I think the virus itself is real (without getting into whether or not it's man-made -but funny how most of these seem to originate in China, and China gets all urinate-ey about being blamed for them), it's difference it the much higher communicability and the ability to live on surfaces longer than previous ones.

That aside - is also appears NO MORE DEADLY than any previous one. Certainly not what Ebola is, certainly not what HIV was in the 80's/90's (and ex-#2 has been + since '83 and will probably outlive us all, if for nothing other than SPITE).

This is not an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT. But it HAS been leveraged into a game-changer. And of course the blame is being laid AT TRUMPS FEET. Like the man or not, he's doing a pretty good job. But you never saw this level of panic during the previous admin - where THEIR flu pandemic had a higher mortality rate. And the panic is not ORIGINATING from THIS ADMIN.

So I'm still not down with "coordinated global(ist) conspiracy" - YET (or even national one). The response is too disorganized, haphazard and sloppy for their to be actual coordination (or someone/thing pulling the strings nationally/globally).

I DO THINK that many of the local governments see this as an opportunity to "flex their muscles" and see what they can get away with. Then again, I also saw the response to the "Boston Marathon Bombing" as the perfect dry run for doing "martial law" in a major metropolitan area - WITHOUT ACTUALLY DECLARING IT.

Again - never let a crisis go to waste.

I think the current admins response, is a measured one - WITHOUT OVERSTEPPING IT'S CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS. Whereas the PREVIOUS ONE, would have likely had us on a national lockdown ALREADY. And putting the federal government in charge NATIONALLY, brings us closer to the place WE DO NOT WANT TO GO.

Local governments that OVERSTEP THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS (even in time of crisis, manufactured or not), are going to show their leaders for WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

Notice some of the questions from the press yesterday at the WH briefing. "Why can't the states just get this stuff from the feds". "BECAUSE THEY CAN SOURCE AND OBTAIN IT MUCH FASTER THEMSELVES, than getting it from us. BUT IF THEY REQUEST, we will accommodate. ABSOLUTE FACT - the state/local govs can get stuff MUCH FASTER, than going through "federal bureaucracy". BRILLIANT (and truthful) RESPONSE.

And again - notice what has happened since this discussion was originally posted.

I had a long conversation with my ex-therapist yesterday - a brilliant women with gifted insight and observational skills. My position was - NO LOCKDOWN, let darwinism take over. Since the mortality rate is so low, and a vast majority of infected will have very little symptoms, let's just let it runs its course and get it over with. What's the use of a 30 day lockdown/quarantine - since the process will likely start ALL OVER, once people come out of hiding?

Her position (which made total sense after considering it - which it usually does when it comes to my friend June, even though I consider her bat-guano-crazy on many things) - FLATTEN THE CURVE (which is pretty much the admins position). If EVERYONE GETS SICK NOW - it WILL OVERWHELM our ability to care for the REALLY SICK - and MANY MORE WILL DIE. So if we can "stagger" the outbreak, we will have a better shot at treating more of the critically ill - instead of doing "triage", and deciding who lives and dies right there in the tent in the parking lot.

From a TRUCKING ASPECT - as supply chains CATCH UP TO DEMAND - I think we're going to (and are already seeing) a HUGE UPTICK IN LOADS - maybe even EXCEEDING CAPACITY TO CARRY. 2019 was a dumpster fire for trucking, where the anticipation of it being a HIGHER THAN AVERAGE YEAR (like '18), led to downsizing.



Dispatcher, Fleet Manager, Driver Manager

The primary person a driver communicates with at his/her company. A dispatcher can play many roles, depending on the company's structure. Dispatchers may assign freight, file requests for home time, relay messages between the driver and management, inform customer service of any delays, change appointment times, and report information to the load planners.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
Rob T.'s Comment
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Im officially sicker than hell tested but waiting for results and quarentened till next monday at least ugh damn i95 rest areas

Hope you feel better soon, keep us updated how things turn out. What are you experiencing as far as symptoms?

Brett Aquila's Comment
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So I'm still not down with "coordinated global(ist) conspiracy" - YET (or even national one). The response is too disorganized, haphazard and sloppy for their to be actual coordination (or someone/thing pulling the strings nationally/globally).

My theory on that is the opposite. This feels almost perfectly coordinated to me. They've kept a steady cadence when it comes to tightening the noose. They didn't move so fast as to freak people out and start riots and panics. They steadily just moved toward a lockdown a little at a time. Maybe they even purposely made it seem a little haphazard so it didn't raise suspicions, so we thought they were just making decisions on the fly.

They limited crowds to 1,000 then a couple of days later to 500 then a couple of days later to 50. They reduced international travel, then they reduced domestic travel. Now they've reduced it to no unnecessary travel. The next step will be military checkpoints in the streets, probably before the week is out.

They closed some schools, then more schools, then all schools. They reduced capacity in some businesses, then closed some businesses, then closed most businesses, then closed all but very necessary businesses.

Everything moved at a steady cadence. They did it in bite-size chunks, systematically, in a way that even the most suspicious people felt it was on-the-fly and not premeditated. But there's no way you put the entire globe on lockdown in a week, on the fly, and do it at a pace that doesn't create any panic unless you've planned it out and coordinated it at some level.

I'm glad I live on a secluded property way up in the mountains with plenty of firewood, food, toilet paper, and my doggy. There are herds of deer everywhere and all of my neighbors are hunters. I can't imagine what it's like for the millions of families who live paycheck to paycheck and have $100 in the bank and three kids at home and can't work because their workplace is closed.


When a violation by either a driver or company is confirmed, an out-of-service order removes either the driver or the vehicle from the roadway until the violation is corrected.

Old School's Comment
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They limited crowds to 1,000 then a couple of days later to 500 then a couple of days later to 50.

Yesterday President Trump suggested that we limit our crowds to 10. Choking it down tighter.

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