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What Causes People To Fail CDL School?

This article discusses why some people fail truck driving school and how to avoid it. It emphasizes the importance of having the right attitude, self-discipline, and the ability to keep calm under pressure. It also encourages readers to study hard and aim to be the best, not just to pass the exams.

Why Do People Decide To Become Truck Drivers?

TruckerMike shares his experience of discovering the trucking lifestyle as a child and how he eventually followed his dream of becoming a truck driver. Learn why trucking is a great career choice and how to get started.

The Next Chapter In My Trucking Journey

TruckerMike shares his experience of leaving the trucking life and partnering with TruckingTruth to improve the lives of truckers nationwide. He shares his journey of becoming a full-time web programmer and how he left his trucking job on good terms. He also explains how he and Brett are passionate about helping truckers and how they plan to change the way truckers do business.

A Driver Trainer's Perspective: Some Helpful Tips And Observations For Student Drivers

Being a CDL instructor or driver trainer is a unique experience that can teach you more about truck driving than you ever thought possible. Learn the highlights of truck driving, how to manage the lifestyle, and how to share a truck with a total stranger.

CDL Testing Day From A Trainers Perspective

This article provides an in-depth look at the process of getting a CDL license. It covers the early start, the long wait, and the three tests that must be passed in order to receive the license.

Learning How To Back Up A Big Truck

Trucker Mike shares his tips and tricks for mastering the truck driver test. Learn the different types of backing maneuvers and how to stay within the specified boundaries. Find helpful tricks to help you pass the CDL backing exam.

Trying To Teach Proper Driver Forecasting

This article provides an in-depth look at forecast driving, an essential skill for truckers. Learn how to time traffic lights, handle merge points, and read car language to become a safer, more professional driver.

Types of Trainers and How to Deal With Them

This article covers various truck driver trainer personalities and how to manage them as a student or new driver. Advice is given on how to handle relaxed, aggressive, or emotionally charged trainers.

A Trainer's Perspective On Teaching Students How To Shift

Become a certified CDL instructor with tips from a trainer with over two and a half years of experience. Learn how to handle stress, shift smoothly, and manage students. Discover how to help students make successful shifts, sharp turns, and how to manage stress.

I'm Becoming a CDL Instructor!

Trucker Mike shares his experience of becoming a CDL instructor and training a new driver. He explains the process of the CDL training program, the challenge for trucking companies, the driver trainer contract, and the importance of quality trainers. He also discusses the misconception of CDL programs being money makers and the importance of speaking up if you have a bad CDL instructor.

The Difference Between Truck Drivers and Professional Truck Drivers

TruckerMike explains what it means to be a professional truck driver. He outlines the unique skills truck drivers possess and how to handle stress while driving. He also provides tips on how to be a safe and happy driver.

Losing Weight As A Truck Driver

Trucker Mike shares his story of how he successfully lost 45lbs without a diet or exercise while driving a truck. He used a calorie counting app and taught himself how to eat properly. Learn how he did it!

My Salary - Finishing Up My Second Year Behind The Wheel

This article provides an inside look at the trucking industry in 2010. It shares the salary and benefits of a truck driver, as well as the lifestyle of a trucker. It also explains why truckers should not do it for the money.

Questions and Answers for a Truck Driver

TruckerMike answers questions about the truck driving industry, including what it's like, how to get hired, and what the job pays. He also explains the lifestyle of a truck driver, the opportunities for advancement, and the benefits of the job.

What I Learned My First Year as a Truck Driver

TruckerMike reflects on his first year of truck driving, discussing the freedom, independence, and challenges of the job. He has seen all of the lower 48 states, and has learned to enjoy the challenge of difficult backing situations. He also discusses the solitude of the job, and how it is not for everyone.

Truck Driving Down Donner Pass

Trucker Mike offers first-hand experience on Donner's Pass and what it's like to drive through at night and in the snow. He also shares why it's important to stay alert and leave space when driving.

Truck Driving In A Cave

Being a truck driver is a lifestyle that is filled with challenges, incredible experiences, stress, and adventure. Learn about the owner of Springfield Underground's thoughts and why being a truck driver can be an exciting career choice.

Truck Driving in Winter Weather

Trucker Mike recounts his first experience driving in a snowstorm in a semi truck and the challenges he faced. He shares the lessons he learned and advises other truck drivers to drive safely in winter storms.

Truck Driving - Experience and Enjoyment of the Job

Truck Driver Mike shares his 8 month experience on the road, including insight into navigating cities, finding parking, and perfecting the art of backing into tight spots. Mike emphasizes the joy of truck driving and his newfound stress-free lifestyle.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Last week was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and it's time to recognize the hard work of truck drivers. Drivers make the 'Most Dangerous Jobs in America' list, are away from friends and family, and don't get the comforts of home. Truckers do an important job and deserve recognition.

Making it Financially in Truck Driving

OTR truck drivers can find it difficult to manage their finances, especially when first starting out. Learn how to create a budget, navigate taxes, and save money on food, drinks, and other purchases in order to get the most out of your trucking career.

My Recent Trucking Adventures - Quite A Challenge

Trucker Mike encountered a pre-plan and navigational challenges on a recent trip. He dealt with a heavy weight, tight schedule, and special back-in scenarios. He enjoyed the challenge and offers tips on how to stay safe and deal with stress in the trucking industry.

My Truck Driving Career - A 6 Month Review

Follow along as a trucker with 6 months of experience shares their informative impressions - from backing into difficult spots, to the brotherhood of truckers, and more. Cruisin' down the open road has its pros and cons!

Leaving Home

A truck driver shares his experience over Labor Day weekend, missing his family's BBQ and getting back on the road a day early. He reflects on having to balance his time between family and work, and the difficulty of transitioning from car to truck and vice versa.

Seeing the Other Side of the Tracks as a Truck Driver

Trucker Mike shares his unique perspective of seeing all sides of America from the truck driver's seat. He talks about the beauty, as well as the slums and poverty he encountered on his route. He also expresses his sympathy for those less fortunate than him, and his wish to help them if possible.

The Sleep Cycle of a Truck Driver - It Doesn't Exist

TruckerMike shares his experience of being a truck driver and the lack of any normal bedtime for an OTR truck driver. He shares how truck drivers must plan ahead and stay within the government's hours of service regulations. Mike also mentions the most widely used drug in the trucking industry; caffeine.

Want to Live a Simpler Life? Try Truck Driving!

Truck driving is a difficult and demanding job, but it can also be very rewarding. Learn what it takes to simplify your life and enjoy life as a truck driver. Material things will no longer matter, but the freedom of the road and the joy of working will become the norm.

Alone Time as a Truck Driver - Can you Handle it?

TruckerMike gives his insight into being a long haul truck driver, discussing the pros and cons of the lifestyle. He talks about the importance of personal reflection, the companionship of technology, and the changes within the trucking industry.

Truck Driving - An Office with a View!

Truck driving offers an incredible opportunity to explore America and take in its different landscapes and cultures. TruckerMike shares his experience of driving through Oklahoma and Kansas and why this job offers an amazing 'office with a view'.

Things That Irritate Truck Drivers

This article gives tips to 4-wheelers on how to stay in good graces with truck drivers and stay safe on the road. Tips include look ahead when merging, don't pass on the right, don't hit the brakes after passing, and don't block truckers in.

Why Do Truck Drivers Do That?!?

This post is mainly for all of you out there who have never driven a truck before. Get answers to the most common questions about truck drivers and why they do the things they do on the road. Learn why truck drivers block traffic on the expressway, take curves slow, and more!

My First Solo Run as a Truck Driver

This truck driver shares their story of the eventful yet successful first solo run in a big truck. With a breakdown, locked door, and heavy traffic, the driver learned a lot and managed to complete their run successfully.

What Makes a Truck Driver: Dealing With The Stereotype

This article takes a deep dive into the trucking industry, where the stereotypes come from, and the truths about truckers. It provides an enlightening look at the realities of the trucking industry and why truckers don't deserve the negative stereotypes they have been given.

It's Official - My Truck Driver Training is Over

TruckerMike shares his experience of becoming a truck driver, from his initial research to the last days with his company trainer. He details the challenges and difficulties and the rewards of the job.

Don't Let the Little Things Bother You....Just Roll On

TruckerMike offers a rookie's perspective on how to stay calm, manage stress, and make the most out of the unpredictability of truck driving. Find out how to enjoy the ride and let go of the little things.

One Electric Ride

Enjoy the amazing trip of a truck driver, who experienced spectacular thunderstorms in the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma. Witness the beauty of nature, feel the powerful rumble of the truck, and relax while driving through the night. Learn why this life is so special!

The Best Trip for a Truck Driver - Home.

Trucker Mike goes into detail about his experience going on home time after being away for 10 weeks. He talks about how he took the opportunity to visit with friends and family, how it felt to drive his car again, and how he's now ready to get back on the road.

Surviving a Company Trainer

Trucker Mike shares his thoughts on surviving your company trainer. Get tips on how to adjust to your trainer's personality, how to work hard and keep a good attitude, and advice on how to handle bad days on the road.

Preparing for Truck Driver Company Training - Things to Pack!

For new truck drivers, this article provides an essential packing list of items and tips on how to save space in the truck. Items suggested include shirts, jeans, work gloves, sunglasses, toiletries, a sleeping bag, pillow, laundry bag, cell phone, laptop, and boots.

Worst Trip in a Big Truck Yet

TruckerMike shares his experience on a recent trucking trip, including his experience with heavy traffic, two accidents, and poor shifting. He also shares safety tips to help other truck drivers stay safe on the road.

Adventures with a Broken Truck!

Trucking can be difficult with unexpected breakdowns. In this article, TruckerMike explains how he and his trainer handled a breakdown, and the resulting repair costs and downtime. He also shares advice on how to handle similar situations in the future.

Short Letters from a Truck Driver

Trucker Mike shares his experiences on the road and how he has been treated at different truck stops and customers. He talks about his experiences of being thanked on the highway, being treated poorly by a customer, being helped by another driver, and the appreciation he has for his family and friends.

I Love Being a Truck Driver!

TruckerMike writes a post about his journey as a truck driver, detailing the highs and lows of the job. He provides an honest overview of the lifestyle and encourages readers to think long and hard before entering the industry, especially if they have a family.

A Disaster of a Trip, but Still Worked Out in the End

This article tells the story of a truck driver's hectic journey from Boston to Murfreesboro, encountering tornados, traffic jams, and heavy rains. This story teaches truckers to stay calm in difficult situations.

My Best Trip in a Big Truck Yet!

Truck driver TruckerMike recounts his best trip yet, which included dealing with congested traffic, tackling the Rocky Mountains, and stopping for a meal at the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX. He experienced beautiful views and faced a few dangers along the way.

Truck Driving and Mother Nature's Fury

Trucker Mike recently faced many challenges on his cross-country trip from Illinois to California. A slow start, high winds, and construction zones all posed unique problems. After a night of rest, they were able to continue the journey and eventually made it to Pennsylvania.

Truck Driving with a High Value Load

Trucker Mike gives insight into the experience of picking up a high value load from a pharmaceutical company. Security measures taken, the trip and more are shared by Mike for truck drivers to consider before undertaking a similar load.

Truck Driver Training Adventures in the Smokey Mountains!

Trucker Mike shares his story of an exciting trucking adventure while driving through the Smokey Mountains. He missed a turn and had to climb a huge hill with a full trailer. He had to shift quickly and eventually made it to the top. He also shares tips on how to float the gears.

Observations From a Rookie Truck Driver

As a rookie truck driver, TruckerMike shares his observations of the trucking industry, from funny stories heard on the CB to the unexpected twists and turns of the Ozarks. He encourages new drivers to take each change in stride, adapt to changes and enjoy the sights of the country.

My First Day and Night at a Truck Stop

Trucker Mike takes you on an adventure to a TA Truck Stop outside Los Angeles, CA to explore the unique world of truck stops. He gives insight into the showers, food, CB chatter, and more! The experience is one he won't ever forget.

My First Load Driving a Big Truck

Trucker Mike shares his experience as a first time truck driver. He navigates through unfamiliar cities and builds confidence while handling high winds. Read his story to learn more.

Trucking Company Orientation - Day 3

Truckers will appreciate this informative article where they can learn essential orientation and safety tips. Find out what the company views on sleep deprivation and how to deal with dispatchers. Discover important truck maintenance advice and get equipped with the right information.

Trucking Company Orientation - Day Two

TruckerMike had a much better day than yesterday. He took a quick driving test and had classes on HazMat policies, sexual harassment, load security, cargo claims, logbooks, and more. He will finish his orientation tomorrow.

Trucking Company Orientation - Day One

Day one of orientation with a trucking company was a hectic day. From paperwork to drug tests, this article outlines what truck drivers can expect during orientation day. Get the inside scoop on the trucking industry.

My First Truck Driving Job: The Trip to Trucking Orientation

TruckerMike recounts his amazing journey starting with a cancelled orientation and ending with a flight in a twin engine Cessna. A lesson in the power of networking and a chance to get a good night's sleep!

Students Searching for Trucking Jobs After CDL Training During a Recession

One truck driver's journey of searching for a job in a tough economy. Learn tips including applying to multiple companies and attending their CDL training school.

After My Graduation - Final Thoughts and Advice For Those Considering Truck Driving School

In this informative article, TruckerMike shares his thoughts and experiences of CDL training in Illinois, offering tips on getting a CDL license, studying for exams, and more.

CDL Test Day - What It Was Like Taking (and passing!) the CDL Test

This article follows a trucker's journey to get their CDL. Read about the nervousness, excitement, challenges, and lessons learned along the way!

CDL Training - Our Training Truck Breakdown!

This article provides truck drivers with tips for preparing for their CDL exam. It discusses the importance of practicing in different trucks, the need to have a proper set-up before backing, and provides advice on how to stay safe while driving.

CDL Training - Hopefully Taking The CDL Test This Week

Trucker Mike shares his experience in the trucking industry and provides tips for truck drivers before they get on the road. Learn about the importance of staying alert and getting your CDL in order before taking off.

CDL Training - One Test Down, Two More Remaining

TruckerMike experienced a cluster of issues during his pre-trip exam and shares tips to ensure a successful pre-trip exam. Learn how to prepare and what to expect when taking a pre-trip exam in the trucking industry.

CDL Training - Approaching Test Day

Trucker Mike is getting ready for upcoming trucking tests and shares his preparation tips. He is taking all the necessary steps to ensure he passes and is ready to hit the road and make some money. Read on to learn more about Mike's journey and tips.

CDL Training - Getting Ready for Test Day

A truck driver shares their experience while preparing to take their pre-trip, yard skills, and road test. They share tips and advice on how to be successful and pass the tests.

CDL Training - White Knuckle Driving on City Streets

Trucker Mike tells of a challenging but rewarding day of truck driving. He had to navigate tight intersections, lane changes, and more. Learn from his experience and tips to make your truck driving career the best it can be.

CDL Training - Learning a Few Tricks to Driving a Big Rig

A trucking industry veteran shares his tips and tricks for acing the pre-trip and backing up portion of the CDL exam. He shares what he's learned from instructors, his study habits, and his tricks for successful backing up and timed stops.

CDL Training - Confidence is Building and Another Pre-Hire Recieved!

TruckerMike takes his readers along on his journey to become a truck driver. From pre-trip quizzing to navigating the yard obstacle course, learn about TruckerMike's successes, challenges, and what it takes to become a truck driver.

CDL Training - More Driving Practice

TruckerMike shares his journey from a shaky start to mastering the truck transmission, handling turns, and navigating the obstacle course. He shares tips for those who are new to manual transmission and tries to keep everyone safe on the road.

CDL Training - My First Day Driving With a Trailer!

TruckerMike shares his experiences from his trucking school and learning how to drive a truck on the road. Learn tips for pre-trip inspections, shifting, handling a trailer, and backing up correctly for successful truck driving.

CDL Training - My First Day Behind the Wheel of a Big Rig!

Trucker Mike provides readers with an account of his first time driving a truck, including his struggles with shifting gears and mastering the brakes. He gives readers a glimpse of the process of going through the CDL-A exams, pre-trip inspections, and the obstacle course.

My 4th and 5th Day of Truck Driving School - Passing My CDL Written Exams!

Trucker Mike shares his experience of taking his CDL written exams, passing all 5 tests with a 100%, and obtaining his CDL permit. He also shares the steps to take and tips to help anyone else in the trucking industry obtain their CDL permit!

CDL Training - My Third Day of Truck Driving School!

Truck driver Mike shares his experience in truck driving school as the class gets ready for the CDL permit test. Learn about the camaraderie forming in the class, the challenging 50 question test, and the field trips taken to learn more about the brake system.

Golden Rules Of Trucking Safety: Speed and Following Distance

This article gives truck drivers and those in the trucking industry an informative overview of safe driving tips. It explains why speed and following distance are the most critical factors, and why accidents often occur in the rain. The article also addresses the importance of patience on the road.

CDL Training - My Second Day of Truck Driving School!

Get practical truck driver tips from a real truck driver. Learn defensive driving tips, including winter driving, backing, turns, braking, and more.

The Structure Of CDL Schooling: Four Weeks To My CDL

Trucker Mike shares his experience of taking the CDL test in 4 weeks. Get tips on passing the written exam, driving on the same routes as the examiner, and taking pre-trip inspections. Trucker Mike's journey is filled with learning, studying, and preparation.

CDL Training - My First Day Of Truck Driving School!

This is an informative article for truckers about the first day of CDL training. Learn about the school's teaching style, how the school works to help truckers obtain a CDL license, and the resources available to them.

The DOT Physical for Truck Drivers

DOT physicals are a requirement for truck drivers. Learn what to expect during the physical, which includes drug testing, vision and hearing tests, and a general health screening. Overall, the physical is fairly straightforward. Follow the tips provided and you should have no problems passing.

I Quit! ...You're hired! My First Trucking Company Pre-hire!

This article follows one truck driver's experience with pushing back their CDL Training School start date and pre-hiring with a trucking company. They also discuss their decision to quit their office job on good terms, filing for unemployment, and their experience with getting a passport and physicals.

Preparing Myself for a Truck Driving Career

TruckerMike is getting ready to start his CDL-A Training and his search for a good OTR company. He discusses what to do to prepare for a truck driving career, including smartphone and internet options, satellite TV, car expenses, and health habits.

Choosing a CDL Truck Driving School - The First Challenge

Are you considering CDL training? In this article, readers can learn the pros and cons of both company sponsored and private schools, as well as tips on finding the right fit for their personal needs.

Finding A Positive Perspective On Being A Truck Driver

Are you interested in truck driving? Understand the truth about the industry and find success. Read this article to separate the negative opinions from the facts and discover your dream!

Why I'm Finally Becoming A Truck Driver

Follow Mike's story as he transitions from 9 to 5 office job to life on the open road. He shares his journey of discovering the trucking industry and his motivations for pursuing a career in the trucking industry.

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