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What Causes People To Fail CDL School?

Most people get through truck driving school, but others do not. Here's some great advice that will help you pass truck driving school with flying colors.

Why Do People Decide To Become Truck Drivers?

Becoming a truck driver is a dream for a lot of people. Others find it a necessity when life takes an unexpected turn. Here's the story of how I got started.

The Next Chapter In My Trucking Journey

After a few years of driving truck, my time on the road has come to an end. But I'm on to new and exciting things in the industry! Here's the story.

A Driver Trainer's Perspective: Some Helpful Tips And Observations For Student Drivers

Being a CDL instructor is a very unique experience. I was amazed at how much I learned myself. Here are some of the highlights I picked up along the way.

CDL Testing Day From A Trainers Perspective

After four weeks on the road with my student, it was time for him to take his CDL exam. We were both very nervous. Testing day is incredibly stressful.

Learning How To Back Up A Big Truck

Learning how to back up a big rig is no easy task, but a few tips and tricks here from a trainer can really make it a lot easier.

Trying To Teach Proper Driver Forecasting

Being a safe truck driver is never easy. Predicting what might happen next on the highway takes years to learn and is very hard to teach a new driver.

Types of Trainers and How to Deal With Them

CDL trainers have a vast array of personalities and techniques for training students. Here are some personality types you'll find and how to deal with each

A Trainer's Perspective On Teaching Students How To Shift

I recently became a certified CDL instructor and I was given my first students to train on shifting gears. Here's the story, and some advice for newbies

I'm Becoming a CDL Instructor!

After being a solo truck driver for 2 1/2 years I've decided to become a trainer for an old college friend who is getting into trucking. Here's the scoop

The Difference Between Truck Drivers and Professional Truck Drivers

Being a professional driver means far more than simply driving for a living. It means maintaining a certain outlook and certain priorities at all times

Losing Weight As A Truck Driver

Losing weight for truckers can be difficult. But if you have a simple plan and stick to it you can be in wonderful health on the road, without exercise!

My Salary - Finishing Up My Second Year Behind The Wheel

This is my salary as an OTR truck driver finishing up my second year behind the wheel. It's hard to find good information on trucker's salaries, so I hope this helps

Questions and Answers for a Truck Driver

Here are the answers to 17 questions about being a truck driver I'd like to share with anyone who may be interested in becoming a truck driver.

What I Learned My First Year as a Truck Driver

I've completed my first year as a truck driver and here's a rundown of some surprises about the job and the lifestyle of an over the road trucker.

Truck Driving Down Donner Pass

Donner Pass for truck drivers is one of the notorious places in the country for burned up brakes and fatal wrecks. My first time down was an adventure

Truck Driving In A Cave

On occasion I get to go to a place called Springfield Underground. If you never thought you'd see a bigrig driving through a cave, here's your chance!

Truck Driving in Winter Weather

Before I became a truck driver, there was nothing better than a good snow storm, sliding around in my 4-wheeler. But that was then, and this is now!

Truck Driving - Experience and Enjoyment of the Job

I love being a truck driver. I've found as my experience grows, my enjoyment also grows. I'm still a rookie, but the experience I have is paying off.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck driver appreciation week has come and gone and we've created some reasons why truck driving is so difficult and should be appreciated.

Making it Financially in Truck Driving

Finances on the road can be tough when first becoming a truck driver, but this will provide you with a little insight into saving money on the road.

My Recent Trucking Adventures - Quite A Challenge

Sometimes trucking trips go very smoothly, and others are incredibly challenging. This is the reality of truck driving. Are you up for the challenge?

My Truck Driving Career - A 6 Month Review

I thought I'd share a few of my initial impressions of my early truck driving career, having experienced it for 6 months now. It's been incredible!

Leaving Home

Leaving home is often the hardest part of being a truck driver, especially after the holidays. This time was worse. I had to leave on the holiday.

Seeing the Other Side of the Tracks as a Truck Driver

I recently wrote 'Truck Driving: An Office With A View' about the beauty this country holds. But out here on the road it isn't always so beautiful.

The Sleep Cycle of a Truck Driver - It Doesn't Exist

One thing I wasn't prepared for as a new truck driver is the sleeping patterns. I knew fatigue was a big issue in trucking, and now I understand why.

Want to Live a Simpler Life? Try Truck Driving!

People work hard at jobs they hate in order to buy the things they think will bring them happiness. I was that way. Trucking showed me a better way.

Alone Time as a Truck Driver - Can you Handle it?

Truck drivers spend an enormous amount of time alone away from friends and family which can really take its toll, and spells the end for many drivers.

Truck Driving - An Office with a View!

Truck driving is such a unique job - one that offers so much that you won't find anywhere else. The lifestyle is amazing, and the view is spectacular

Things That Irritate Truck Drivers

Previously I spoke about what truck drivers do on the road that irritates 4-wheelers. This post will help people understand what irritates truckers.

Why Do Truck Drivers Do That?!?

This post is mainly for all of you out there who have never driven a truck before. People always have questions, so this will serve as a trucker's FAQ

My First Solo Run as a Truck Driver

My first solo run as a truck driver has been completed, and boy do I have a story to tell. It was eventful and embarrassing, but successful in the end.

What Makes a Truck Driver: Dealing With The Stereotype

Everyone has their own version of what a truck driver looks and acts like. I was even guilty of that. But once I became a driver, that all changed.

It's Official - My Truck Driver Training is Over

After months of research, a month of CDL truck driving school, and 4 months of company training, I'm going on the road as a solo company driver. Wow!

Don't Let the Little Things Bother You....Just Roll On

In the past few months that I've been truck driving, I've learned one major thing - trucking can destroy you if you let it. So don't.

One Electric Ride

There are some nights when you don't want to be driving a truck. Then there are some nights when you wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

The Best Trip for a Truck Driver - Home.

Home time in trucking is cherished. You don't get home very often, so when you do, you love the opportunity to see everyone again. Here's what I did.

Surviving a Company Trainer

Wow, it's been two months since I hit the road with my trainer. I'll share a few of my thoughts on how to survive your trucking company trainer.

Preparing for Truck Driver Company Training - Things to Pack!

What should I pack? This has to be the number one question amongst newbies. First of all, pack as little as possible. Only the necessities...

Worst Trip in a Big Truck Yet

This last trip was rather brutal. It was adventurous, frustrating, difficult, and dangerous at times, and we even saw a few things we wish we hadn't.

Adventures with a Broken Truck!

Well, it finally happened. My trainer and I are having truck problems. What a mess. It's getting fixed, finally, but here's what we had to deal with.

Short Letters from a Truck Driver

Life on the road leads you to so many people and experiences that it's nice to be able to sit down and write to the ones that have left an impression.

I Love Being a Truck Driver!

It takes a very unique individual to succeed out here and hopefully this will shed a little light on the traits needed to make it in this business.

A Disaster of a Trip, but Still Worked Out in the End

Since my last trip in the big rig went so well, Karma had to balance itself out. And it didn't waste any time either! This last trip was crazy!

My Best Trip in a Big Truck Yet!

Wow, my most recent trip was by far the best trip I've had to date. We left California late at night and were 'East Bound and Down' to Pennsylvania!

Truck Driving and Mother Nature's Fury

Last week we had a trip from Illinois to California, and I got my first taste of mother nature's fury - a light load and high winds. It was nasty!

Truck Driving with a High Value Load

So the other night, we get a phone call to pick up a 'High Value Load' from a pharmaceutical company. Wow, what an experience a high value load is!

Truck Driver Training Adventures in the Smokey Mountains!

Being in training as a trucker on the road isn't easy - but when you add mountains and wrong turns into the equation, it can be terrifying!

Observations From a Rookie Truck Driver

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I got on the road with my trainer. This has probably been the quickest week of my life!

My First Day and Night at a Truck Stop

Being a brand new driver brings lots of new experiences, and today was my first full day and night in a truckstop in Southern California!

My First Load Driving a Big Truck

Finished up orientation on Friday and by Saturday morning, I already had a trainer waiting for me at the terminal. Finally ready to roll!

Trucking Company Orientation - Day 3

Finally the last day of orientation has arrived and I'm getting to head out on the road. A lot of good information today for sure.

Trucking Company Orientation - Day Two

Day two of orientation at my new trucking company went far better than the first day, and it was filled with interesting information.

Trucking Company Orientation - Day One

Day one of orientation at a trucking company is far from being a memorable experience, but there are some things you should know.

My First Truck Driving Job: The Trip to Trucking Orientation

The trip to truck driving orientation is always eventful - but not normally this eventful! What a mess - but it turned out interesting.

Students Searching for Trucking Jobs After CDL Training During a Recession

Finding a truck driving job during a recession like this is much tougher than it usually is, but the jobs are out there and things look better!

After My Graduation - Final Thoughts and Advice For Those Considering Truck Driving School

After recently graduating from truck driving school and getting my CDL, here is my best advice for those considering becoming a truck driver.

CDL Test Day - What It Was Like Taking (and passing!) the CDL Test

After four weeks of training, one of our site's authors passed his CDL exam! You have to read what he went through to do it!

CDL Training - Our Training Truck Breakdown!

We prepared for our CDL test by training in a certain truck, but it broke down! Panic! Truck driving school can be stressful for sure!

CDL Training - Hopefully Taking The CDL Test This Week

Our CDL test looms on the horizon - just a few days 'til I'll have my CDL. Truck driving school has been fun but I'm ready to get out on the road!

CDL Training - One Test Down, Two More Remaining

In this blog, TruckerMike explains how he passed his pre-trip inspection exam, but the instructor and the test were really tough!

CDL Training - Approaching Test Day

The start of week 4 means testing time for our CDL student in truck driver training. Here Mike blogs about nerves before test time.

CDL Training - Getting Ready for Test Day

Well our CDL exams are getting near and here's how we're preparing for the big day.

CDL Training - White Knuckle Driving on City Streets

During his third week of CDL training the school has brought the challenges up a notch and it's on to the city streets we go!

CDL Training - Learning a Few Tricks to Driving a Big Rig

Half way through the third week of his CDL school, our own TruckerMike is getting the feel for the truck and making progress!

CDL Training - Confidence is Building and Another Pre-Hire Recieved!

This wraps up week two of my adventure in truck driving school. I'm having a great time sharing my experiences with everyone!

CDL Training - More Driving Practice

In day 7 of truck driving school, our student is catching on fast and enjoying the hell out of learning how to drive!

CDL Training - My First Day Driving With a Trailer!

We've been bobtailing around the yard but today was our first day on the road pulling a trailer. Wow!

CDL Training - My First Day Behind the Wheel of a Big Rig!

It's the start of week two for our student who is giving us his day-by-day experiences live! Today is his first day driving a rig!

My 4th and 5th Day of Truck Driving School - Passing My CDL Written Exams!

We just completed our first week of truck driving school and I passed the exam to get my permit! Let me tell you how it went.

CDL Training - My Third Day of Truck Driving School!

Day three in CDL school brought air brakes, a trip out to the truck to learn hands on, and anticipation of Friday's permit exam!

Golden Rules Of Trucking Safety: Speed and Following Distance

Two of the most important safety guidelines in the trucking industry involve proper speed for conditions and following distance.

CDL Training - My Second Day of Truck Driving School!

This is day two of our CDL training. We're documenting every day of truck driving school so you can follow along!

The Structure Of CDL Schooling: Four Weeks To My CDL

In my first day of CDL training they talked about the school structure and how we'll have our CDL license in just 4 weeks!

CDL Training - My First Day Of Truck Driving School!

The day has arrived! My first day of truck driving school and it was great! Let me tell you what it was all about.

The DOT Physical for Truck Drivers

I just had my DOT physical today before attending truck driving school and thought I'd let you know what it's like.

I Quit! ...You're hired! My First Trucking Company Pre-hire!

Landing a pre-hire is a really big deal and I now have my first. It's not a guarantee of employment, but close.

Preparing Myself for a Truck Driving Career

I'm getting ready to begin truck driver training and here's what I've done leading up to the start of school.

Choosing a CDL Truck Driving School - The First Challenge

Some excellent, well-researched advice regarding finding the right truck driving school and getting your CDL training.

Finding A Positive Perspective On Being A Truck Driver

Negative opinions about being a truck driver are everywhere on the net. We'll discuss why that is, and where to find the positives!

Why I'm Finally Becoming A Truck Driver

Becoming a truck driver is a huge decision in anyone's life, and one we've all pondered. Here's my story and the reasons why I did it.

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